Presentations of the ByoPiC team


  • Unveiling galaxy cluster candidates at z>2 with Planck and NASA's Great Observatories; Prospects for JWST, Euclid, WFIRST, Athena and Lynx.
    H. Dole, 17th meeting high energy astrophysics division AAS, Monterey, California, March 2019
  • Protoclusters of galaxies: from Planck to the Euclid and JWST era
    H. Dole, University of Arizona and NOAO joint Colloquium March 2019

  • Conference Elbereth 2019 

    • E. Lecoq: Detecting turbulence in large scale structures with X-ray satellites.

    • T. Bonnaire: Uncovering cosmic filaments from galaxy distribution

    • D. Galarraga: A few physical properties of the cosmic web

    • M. Ullmo: Recreating simulations with GANs

  • Hot baryons in the largest cosmic structures
    N. Aghanim, Journees du Programme National de Cosmologie et Galaxies, Paris, 2018

  • Sunyaev-Zel'dovich effect in the largest cosmic structures to search for hidden baryons
    N. Aghanim, Interactions around interacting clusters, Bologna, 2018

  • Star formation activity in the Cosmic Web (Presentation)
    V. Bonjean, West Coast Swings, Perth, 2018

  • Hot baryons in the cosmic web through SZ effect (Presentation)
    M. Douspis, West Coast Swings, Perth, 2018

  • Magnetizing the Intergalactic Medium during Reionization (Presentation)
    M. Langer, IAU General Assembly, Focused Meeting 8, Vienna, 2018

  • Detection of intercluster gas in filaments and superclusters through the Sunyaev-Zel’dovich effect (Presentation)
    H. Tanimura, IAU General Assembly, Focused Meeting 2, Vienna, 2018

  • Cosmological Tension between CMB and LSS (Presentation)
    M. Douspis, SDSU 2018

  • Characterising turbulence in clusters with X-rays (Presentation)
    E. Lecocq, Alabama WHIM 2018

  • Constraints on cosmological parameters from galaxy clusters (Presentation
    L. Salvati, Mainz 2018 

  • Galaxy properties from WISE with machine learning (Presentation)
    V. Bonjean, Nagoya seminar 2018

  • tSZ cluster counts and power spectrum combined with CMB  (Presentation)
    L. Salvati, Moriond 2018